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Bridal* Spray Tan Tips

*These tips can all be applied to a formal or very special occasion spray tan

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  • If you’re getting manicures and pedicures, book them for before your spray tan. If not possible, ensure that the nail technician does not use any oils on your skin and ask that they eliminate the massage part of their procedure (as this may lighten your tan in those areas).

  • If you're getting waxing done (eyebrows included), get this done at least 24 hours prior to your spray tan.

  • Ensure your bridesmaids/bridal party are a similar colour to you; peferably all book in to the same salon (on the trial booking too so you can compare). You don’t want any standout tans!

  • Check your husband-to-be’s complexion i.e. if he’s very fair then you don’t want to wash him out and vice versa, if he has a dark complexion, you don’t want to look washed out.

  • And, last but not least, a ‘summer glow’ is always best on your wedding day.

- You're getting married
- You have your formal
- You have a very special occasion

  • Book a trial spray tan a few weeks out from your special day (so you can get another one if you're not happy with the first one).

  • Do your research on your spray tan technician. Check for history, experience, client reviews, solutions used, qualifications etc.

  • Ensure your technician seems knowledgeable about her product, why she’s matching you to the colour she is etc. Ask questions.

  • Optional: Once you’re satisfied with the colour and even application of your tan, book a second trial. Arrange for this two days prior to your trial make-up session as your make-up artist needs to practise on the correctly coloured skin tone.

  • With your trial spray tan, try your dress on and take photos and a video to ensure the tan looks as good on screen as it does in real life; your photos are forever so it is important to look great on them too.

  • Use your trial to establish which day you feel your tan looks it best. Then book your wedding/special day spray tan accordingly i.e. if day two is the best tan day, book your wedding tan two days prior to your big day.

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