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Earning $400 – $600 per day, a Spray Tan Entrepreneur Balances Motherhood and Business

Does running a successful business seem like a dream to those of you with small children and little flexibility? Using TechnoTan, Nic from ‘That Spray Tan Place’ made this dream her reality. This is her story:

Having worked in a full-time corporate job, Nic made the decision in 2011 to look for a different career; one better suited to the lifestyle she and her partner were planning for. Children were on the cards and a double income was essential. Having no job or income was simply not an option. So what did Nic do in this situation? Became a TechnoTan Technician of course!

In 2011, Nic opened her spray tan business in Sydney. She gained a nice clientele base which gradually became busier by the time she was full term with her first daughter. As most of her income was generated in the evenings, Nic was able to have more free time during the day. This made it easier to look after her daughter, born in March 2013. It was after the birth of her first child that she was set on spray tanning as her main source of income. Having a home studio business meant Nic had the flexibility to look after her child while still generating a healthy income. It is a way to “avoid child care costs as much as possible.”

After opening ‘That Spray Tan Place,’ it was clear the new job and lifestyle was exactly what a working mum would hope for. “I wouldn’t go back to my corporate job” said Nic. TechnoTan provided the support she needed to create the successful spray-on tan business. To start, Nic targeted a few local businesses by offering complimentary spray tans. Once in, discussions about collaborating together started to occur, which seemed very promising. Nic would provide discounts and in return receive new clients, sent to her by these new local business relations. Agreements were made to promote each other’s business on their respective websites. “It was free advertising; a win-win situation for both parties.” Nic also utilised the realm of social media ambassadors, giving complimentary tans to people with large followings on Instagram. This is a great way to get reviews and client awareness! Now, Nic had gained a client base of potential advocates, ranging from photographers to dance studios. “People love to receive discounts when showing off their image on social media posts. It’s quite an easy way to get exposure.”

Business was going well for Nic and in February of 2015, baby number two arrived. Wanting to be closer to family, she decided to move to the Gold Coast. But, it did create challenges for Nic when finding safe places for her children to play. So, a decision was made to install a gated children’s play area within her salon. This added to her success in spray-tanning as she could now target a new market; mothers who struggle to do things with children in tow. What a unique selling point this became for her! Overcoming this hurdle gave Nic the time and flexibility to spray around 10-15 clients per day which gives her a daily income of $400 – $600; not bad huh?

Having been sprayed by a TechnoTan technician for her wedding day, Nic fell in love and never looked back. She said she “tried all other brands out there but TechnoTan is the best hands down every time.” Nic is an inspiration and perfect example of how a busy mother of two can successfully run a TechnoTan business from home. You too, could be as incredible as we at TechnoTan believe she is. Please check out ‘That Spray Tan Place’ and follow her daily success here:

Website: Facebook: Instagram: @thatspraytanplace

If you are thinking of becoming a TechnoTan Technician like Nic, please contact the team at our Head Office: (08) 9412 3000.

The TechnoTan Team

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