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Things that will prematurely fade your spray tan (plus a secret on how to get rid of old spray tan..

Things that fade a spray tan

I've been asked a few times this week about the things that fade a spray tan the most. So, try to avoid all of the below if you've recently visited a spray tan salon.

Ssshhhhh...also see my top tip on how to remove old spray tan! No need to buy those fancy, expensive scrubs and mitts!


If exfoliating the day of your spray tan, ensure you use an exfoliator that doesn’t contain oil (sugar scrubs often include oils so avoid these).


Shave lightly when you have a spray tan so as to avoid taking any of your tan off in the process. Obviously, avoid waxing as this will completely remove the top layer of dead skin cells and leave you with a very clear white area!

Ocean / Swimming Any immersion in water for a long period of time will fade your spray tan (especially swimming pool water containing chlorine).

Hot Showers Try to keep your showers just warm (and quick) and not hot as this will very quickly remove your spray tan.

SLSs ( Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)

Found in body washes, shampoo, toothpastes (anything that foams), this ingredient can really strip your spray tan. Always try to buy 'SLS Free' for your health generally and to preserve your beautiful spray tan.

Cell Turnover

As much as this hurts me to say, young people’s cells rejuvenate more often so their tan will fade quicker – it’s the law of nature. Fruit Acids

In creams, these will fade your tan. Getting rid of an old spray tan If you're trying to get rid of an old spray tan, the best tip is to sit in a hot bath with coconut oil added to it. Ensure this is at least a day prior to a fresh spray tan as the oil will disagree with your new tan. After about twenty minutes of soaking, rub off with an abrasive cloth. And finally, with your towel, roughly dry your body as this will slough away any remaining tan. No need for expensive 'Tan-Off' products, cococut oil is a nourishing and easy winner!

That's it for now. Please call me on 0414 399 701 or book online if you would like an amazing spray tan.


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